I. Warranty policy

1.1. Conditions of warranty

Warranty policy is applied to the website design services provided by VinaWebsite. The period of warranty shall start from the date of purchase of the product and shall cover during a period of use.

1.2. Period of warranty

The period of warranty is dependent on the web design service plan you choose.

vWeb 1: 12

vWeb 2: 18-months warranty

vWeb 3: 24-months warranty

vWeb 4: 30-months warranty

  1. Gói BWeb 1: 12-months warranty
  2. Gói SWeb 1: 12-months warranty
  3. Gói SWeb 2: 18-months warranty
  4. Gói GWeb 1: 24-months warranty
  5. Gói GWeb 2: 30-months warranty
  6. Gói DWeb 1: 36-months warranty

Period of warranty can be extended. Please contact the sales department for support.

1.3. Terms of warranty

  • Fix when the website interface gets errors.
  • Fix errors related to source/code of the website.
  • Warranty, fix errors and troubleshoot systems and functions built by VinaWebsite (agreed in the contract).

II. Maintenance policy

2.1 Conditions of maintenance

When customer registers a webdesign service at VinaWebsite, we will create an admin account for customers. Besides, we will also create another account with the same rights to login and maintain the website in case of updating or troubleshooting.
We are committed that all customer information is absolutely secure.

2.2 Terms of warranty

  • Update the website with important updates.
  • Periodically check websites that are in period of warranty.
  • Guide customers to use and manage websites with functions designed by VinaWebsite.
  • Conditions of maintenance do not include redesigning the old template, build new functions/ functions not available on the current website.
  • Do not maintain errors caused by customers or third parties, including modifying, repairing website or adding new plugins/functions.
  • In case customers use 3rd party template or plugins (do not developed and installed by VinaWebsite) and this is the cause of website error, Vinawebsite will:
    • Restore the handed-over version (if it kept)
    • Provide paid support.
    • Reject support.